Host Of Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to preview the guests he has coming on Fox News Sunday this week. 

On his guest on Fox News Sunday, Rudy Giuliani: He has had a few days and of course the President has had a few days. You do get the sense, and I don't mean to prejudge here because  there still is no smoking gun when it comes to collusion, there's no smoking gun when it comes to obstruction, but you do have the sense that the circle is tightening around this president. The Michael Cohen admissions were damaging.  (1:00) 

On Trump's new Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney: First of all, this has been a mess and it didn't need to be a mess because this is something the President had completely under his control. Kelly wasn't pushing to leave. The President was more pushing to get rid of him. It was totally within his control to decide when I'm going to announce when he's leaving and one would think you would want to announce, 'And he's going to be replaced by so and so'... One has heard that Mulvaney doesn't want to be the Chief of Staff, but I don't think it's a trial. It may be a trial for the President to see if Mulvaney is willing to stay with him. I don't think it's a trial for Mulvaney. (2:23)

On Rudy Giuliani's tweets: He apparently wonders what he was doing too because he today has been at great pains to try to back off. What he said was it's not a big crime nobody died. Of course the real argument isn't that it's not a big crime. It's that it's no crime at all. You don't defend and say it's not a big crime. (7:33)

On his guest on Fox News Sunday, Bill Gates: I can tell you what he said because I've already done the interview. He came in Tuesday and the main reason, and I hope people will watch it because this is the much more important reason to listen to the interview, is he is the head of the Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation is the biggest privately funded charitable organization in the world. They've given 46 billion dollars in grants on global poverty and health around the world and literally have saved millions of lives, literally. So we talk a lot about that and he talks a lot about his concern that the U.S. role is shrinking as a leader in those areas, which is very concerning. (9:15)