Tom Bevan, Executive Editor Of, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to talk about the 2020 election and more. 

On the 2020 Democratic field: It's going to be big and messy and there will be a lot of fights. I think generally Democrats think that's a good thing. They have some issues they need fleshed out as they pick a new standard bearer to run against Trump, which is going to be unquestionably a brutal election. (1:09)

On preparing to run: Elizabeth Warren is the one who is probably being the most diligent, the most methodical, in building the machine and the operation. Where other folks may have the sizzle she will have the stake. She will have the ground game to compete.  (2:40)

On who Democrats are looking for: I heard someone say a Biden-Beto ticket, which I agree with the Beto part of that. I'm not sure I agree with the Biden part of that... I just continue to have this gut feeling that Democrats are not going to turn to this 70 plus year old white male, either Bernie or Biden, and quite frankly they might not even do that for Elizabeth Warren, who is also up there in years. My sense is that the Democrats are going to be looking to the future, looking to the younger, perhaps a female, perhaps a person of color that will be this changing of the guard.  (5:10)

On how drama fatigue could Trump: We'll see. I definitely think there is  certainly the case that even some of Trump's supporters, who like him and like his policies and all that, are kind of like enough with the tweeting and the name calling and some of that stuff.  (10:26)