Charles Krauthammer was my father. Writing that sentence in the past tense is still a shock to me, and it evokes a sadness far too deep to express in words. My father and I were very close. I feel the pain of his absence every day, as does every son who loved his father. There were a thousand secret private things between us that I alone know and that I alone will miss.

But my father belonged not only to me, but to so many more: his friends, his colleagues, his readers, his viewers, the country and indeed the world. He played a large role in the political life of this nation, and though he was far too self-effacing to say so himself, his thinking, his ideas and his convictions shaped generations of political thinkers.

- Daniel Krauthammer

Daniel Krauthammer, editor of "The Point Of It All: A Lifetime Of Great Love And Endeavors," joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss his late father Charles Krauthammer's legacy and final work.