Jason Chaffetz, Fox News Contributor, former U.S. Congressman, former Chairman of the House Government & Oversight Committee, and author Of 'The Deep State,' joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to talk about President Trump finding a new Chief of Staff and the Mueller investigation. 

On Trump struggling to find a Chief of Staff: It is a hard tough difficult job, a lot of moving parts. You have to commit 22 hours a day to make sure it happens... I think ultimately the President is going to pick somebody that he is personally comfortable with, that he has a relationship with and that he can trust. That why I think a Mark Meadows or a Dave Bossi is probably near the tops of those lists. (1:47)

On if you want a Chief of Staff who will 'let Trump be Trump' or help the government get better: I think that has to be a reflection of the president. Somebody who has the trust of the president. Somebody who can push back on the president, but when the president makes a decision, no matter who it is,  then that's the decision and you've got to implement it even if you personally struggle with it or maybe had made a different recommendation. The president gets to make those decisions. The country knowingly and willingly elected a president who was unconventional who didn't have political experience, except from the outside. I think it was a conscious decision that they wanted a disruptive president and we got one. (4:40)

On Comey saying we need to use every breath to get rid of Trump: I think he wants the investigation to go away and there's no better way to do that than to have Democrats take over who will just drop it like a led balloon and move on and pretend like they saw nothing. (6:27)

On what he thinks is there against Comey that hasn't been uncovered: There's more than 200 times where he said, 'I don't know' and 'I don't recall' to some very basic questions. I think he's conveniently forgetting why certain people were giving immunity. (9:04)