A whirlwind week in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian meddling probe is set for a dramatic triple-threaded conclusion Friday, as fired FBI Director James Comey prepares to testify before House Republicans and prosecutors finalize pivotal sentencing documents on former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and onetime campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Fox News Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to discuss Michael Cohen's sentencing filing and more. 

On the Cohen sentencing documents: You have multiple cases against Cohen that are then merged into one. Then he's going to plead guilty. So then they're all merged into one thing and placed before one judge. So that the judge can deal with the totality of the issue. (00:44)

On Mueller going out of the scope and finding other crimes: What would you have me do when I find other crimes? Should I look away? Should I say that's not a crime I'm looking at? In the case of Mueller, he's been even more scrupulous because he dishes them out to the other U.S. attorneys' offices.  As he comes along he doesn't say, 'Ah more for me.'  He says, 'OK is this about Russia? No this is not about Russia. See you later. Send it to the southern district of New York.' (4:49)

On Democrats using these documents for impeachment: I think that between now and then we're going to know a lot more. I think that if all Democrats have is that the president directed payments of hush money to a sex worker to obscure an old affair for political purposes I think an impeachment would be an overstep. I think it would be a mistake, especially for something we already knew essentially. (7:59)

On what would lead to impeachment:  The threshold question that awaits is, 'Did the help go in the other direction?' That's where we get to Cambridge Analytica and that's where we get to other things. If people in the United States were not just aware, but coordinating with.  So the death blow would be, 'Here's some advice on where to deploy your bots. Here's how to do it. We're focusing on these states. Wisconsin is going to be really important.' If there's any intel flowing back the other way that's the kiss of death. (14:00)