The numerous young women who say they were sexually abused by wealthy, Clinton-linked financier Jeffrey Epstein no longer appear set to testify after a last-minute settlement was reached in a closely-watched civil lawsuit against the registered sex offender.

The deal was announced Tuesday -- just before jury selection was to begin -- and, for now, it likely means none of the women will be able to speak in court about the alleged abuse they endured at Epstein's hands, according to the Associated Press.

Andrew McCarthy, bestselling author, contributing Editor at National Review, former Asst. U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York and Fox News Contributor, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss Jeffrey Epstein's plea deal and the Mueller investigation.

On his thoughts on Jeffrey Epstein's plea deal: It looks disgraceful. I must say I read the Miami Herald, which was the big reporting, it was an unbelievably well done piece of reporting that was very comprehensive and it seemed very knowledgeable to me, the intricacies of it were. The bottom line seems to be that the United States attorney seems to have joined the defense camp in the case and not only to the point of giving a sweetheart deal to somebody who committed, it appears, some horrific crimes, but also cutting out of the process the families of the victims and the victims themselves so that this kind of weasel deal was negotiated in the dark without the people who were most interested in it...It seems like thorough going corruption of the process. It's why people in this country, quite rightly I think,  think that  there's one set of rules and one system of justice for people who are connected, powerful, wealthy, and another set of rules for everybody else. (1:23)

On why no one was interested in protecting the victims: I think that's why to me even allowing for the gory details of all the different crimes and acts, which are horrific, unto themselves the most perverse other detail about this is cutting out the families, who by statute are supposed to be informed about the goings-on of the case as it progresses toward a disposition. (4:39)

On if it is possible he got a deal because he was a corroborating witness for other crimes: Any time that you do a plea agreement with cooperation with somebody who is an accomplice or criminal somehow in his own right you always have to balance what you're excusing versus what the public good is in taking the plea. (7:28)

On the Flynn sentencing document: I thought that the unredacted part was more interesting than people are giving it credit for. Maybe this is just because this kind of plays into something I've been saying for months now. I think that one of Mueller's priorities in this investigation is to justify the suspicions of the Justice Department and the FBI in launching this investigation in the first place... I think the tea leaves say that's what's going to happen here, if I say so myself, is what I've been saying is going to happen here all along, which is there will be no citable, criminal violations attributed to President Trump. (11:07)