America's Goodbye! The funeral service for George H.W. Bush at his hometown church Thursday was a farewell to a friend, a neighbor and a former president, to be sure. And to a generation. "George Bush was a charter member of the Greatest Generation," his closest friend, former Secretary of State James Baker, declared in his eulogy. "His incredible service to the nation and the world is already etched in the marble of time." A day earlier, at Washington's National Cathedral, historian Jon Meacham called Bush "America's last great soldier-statesman, a 20th-century founding father," one in a line of presidents "who believed in causes larger than themselves." Bush was the last president to have served in combat.

Too Much? An Ohio father's decision to make his 10-year-old daughter walk miles to school as punishment for bullying is causing controversy among parents online.  After Matt Cox of Swanton found out that his daughter was suspended from her school bus for bullying another student for the second time, he told her he wouldn't be driving her to school. She would be walking.  Monday, Cox shared a video on Facebook of his daughter walking along a road wearing her backpack. He was trailing her in a car. He said walking five miles to school in 36-degree weather was her punishment for bullying. "I know a lot of you parents are not going to agree with this, but that is alright because I'm doing what I feel is right to teach my daughter a lesson and to stop her from bullying," he said in the video. "Bullying is unacceptable." Cox said he is doing what he feels is right. Millions of views and thousands of comments later, it became clear that many others felt it was right, too.

The latest! Mueller this week filed a sentencing memo for Michael Flynn, President Trump's former national security adviser. In the highly redacted memo, Mueller recommended little to no prison time for Flynn, stating that the former three-star Army general has offered "substantial" help to investigators about "several ongoing investigations." Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying about his conversations with a Russian official, is set to be sentenced Dec. 18. The bombshell release came as additional sentencing memorandums are expected within days in the cases of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and ex-campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Andrew McCarthy, bestselling author, contributing Editor at National Review, Asst. U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York & Fox News Contributor, joins the show to discuss.

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