Brit Hume, Fox News Senior Political Analyst for Fox News Channel, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to remember George H.W. Bush. 

On what he expects from the remembrances Wednesday at the funeral: I think that George W. Bush's will be personal about his dad. Neither of them has ever said much about how they interacted while he was president, except on a personal basis. It's always been kind of a mystery whether the father advised the son or the son sought the father's advice. (00:46)

On the lasting legacy of President George H.W. Bush: His presidential legacy I think is something that is sort of coming into it's own now because I think people looking back realize that the challenges that landed on his desk in his one-term presidency were momentous. When the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed it all went rather smoothly as we look back on it. Because of that I don't think he got the credit he deserved from managing that. (2:21)

On former directors of CIA paying their respects: He was beloved by the intelligence services because he took over at a time when they were in bad repute.  I think he restored the moral out there and the leaks stopped for a long period of time. He was extremely discreet. For a man who sought higher office, and he was unrelentingly ambitious make no mistake about that, and he would play political hardball when he had to, but when it came to the mission if the mission required him to be behind the scenes and quiet as he was as CIA Director and as he was as Vice President he would do that, which a lot of political figures can't. (8:01)

On his legacy as a man: I've said this before about him. He was a master of the small gesture and there are countless people we will never know about across this country, thousands, who have experienced that in a multitude of ways... He was always thinking of others. Not just to get them to like him, but because he really wanted to benefit others.  He was very good at it. He had a gift for it. (9:11)