General Jack Keane joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to remember his former Commander-in-chief President George H.W. Bush. 

On how he remembers the former president: One of the things I'm struck by is President George H.W. Bush clearly came into office as one of the most experience and better prepared presidents in the history of the country, as you ticked off all the years of public service that he had before that.  I'll add something else to that which differentiated the person because he was also a war hero... I think George H.W. Bush had a sense of the world because he spent so much time in it, in leaders of the world.  He had a fidelity that maybe most presidents when they aspire and ascend to that office really don't have.  (2:21)

On Kuwait's love for George H.W. Bush: I've been to Kuwait many times. They only talk about it in one way: The United States liberated Kuwait. That's the word they use and that will be struck into their psychic for many generations to come. That's absolutely the truth. I grant him his understanding of the world, his understanding of America's place in the world, his respect for other nations and willingness to work with them and actually have good relationships with other leaders.  (7:44)