Chad Pergram, Fox News Senior Producer for Capitol Hill, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss a possible government shutdown. 

On how everyone has come together to honor George H.W. Bush: It's always amazing how the sides can put their differences down for a little bit of time and we're seeing this because prospectively there's going to be a punt. You know a cynic might say that they're going to not fight this week over government spending and the wall. The deadline is Friday night at 11:59 and it sounds like they're going to do at least some sort of an interim spending bill. We've been told that there was a meeting that was scheduled tomorrow at the White House with the President and prospective incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and that's been postponed now.  What we don't know is how long they will punt. We've been hearing the 21st of December.  (3:24)

On Congressman Mike Gallagher's proposal to reform schedule: That's one of the criticisms. People say one of the worst things that ever happened to Congress was the creation of the jet airplane because everybody has to run out the door and go home to their states in the west, Alaska or wherever their heading off to, and they can do it with relative ease and they don't get bogged down in Washington. There's something I want to flag here. We talk about the threat of this partial government shutdown and I'll underscore that, partial. They passed, Congress, House, Senate and the President, came to terms on five of the twelve spending bills in September. That was the deadline then. They got five of the twelve knocked out.  (7:35)

On getting the money for the wall: House Democrats, as you said are furious, they don't want any funding for the wall, but whatever they have to move has to get 60 votes in the Senate. And you could see a scenario where they put some wall money down and there's mostly Republicans and a handful of Democrats maybe vote for something, and most of the Democrats don't, and then you get the right mixture of most Republicans and some Democrats to hit 60.  (9:07)

On what he expects will get done before the Christmas recess: In some form they have to deal with funding the government or we will have a partial shutdown. If it's not that then we have a shutdown and it's a big mess over Christmas and it might even bled into the new Congress and that's something the Democrats in the House are mindful of.  They can't let this bleed into the new Congress. (12:51)