Patrick O'Carroll, Former Secret Service for President George H.W. Bush, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to remember the president.

On who George H.W. Bush was as a man: George Bush was just such a terrific man.  It was a great assignment. He was very engaging. He was very friendly, not the usual standoffish politician. (2:34)

On running with George H.W. Bush: It's a long time ago, but they stay with you. It makes such an impression on you that you're being treated by the Vice President as a running mate, just like any of us when we go running now. But, the only difference was meanwhile while he's running and he's very fit you've got our guys who've got weapons, radios, etc. on them as you're trying to knock out your own two to three mile run. (6:55)

On the day someone tried to assassinate President Reagan: I went to the hospital and as a result I stayed in touch with Air Force 2 as it was flying back from Texas giving him the status reports on what was happening with President Reagan and they were giving back to me what was going to be the arrangements when they landed. So, I kind of was there as they were talking back and forth with the Vice President and he said that the recommendation was that he'd land at Andrews and they'd chopper him right into the White House.  Again, the type of man that he was he said, 'Absolutely not, only the president lands at the White House. I want other arrangements made for where the chopper will land.' (7:52)

On Mrs. Bush: The best story I have with her is one time I found this new hamburger place so we went to this hamburger place and she's eating a greasy cheeseburger. She looks across at me and giggles and says, 'I'm probably the only person would be eating a cheeseburger before being fitted by Valentino for a ballgown.' That's the type of lady she was. (11:38)