Senator Mike Lee joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to discuss President Trump's response to Saudi Arabia, criminal justice reform and more. 

On Trump's response to Saudi Arabia: I always agree with the fact that it does need to be America First. I don't think the President disagrees with that. I think the President would support that. I haven't looked closely at what the White House put out today, but I will say this. Insofar, Saudi Arabia's interests co-align with ours. Insofar as they dovetail with ours. That's great. What I'm not in this for, I'm not in this to fight Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. I've long been against that, especially because it's an undeclared war. In part because it's undeclared, it's never been debated in Congress by the people's elected representatives whose job it is to do that. I think the Khahoggi murder is disturbing in and of itself. I also think it gives us an opportunity to ask ourselves the question again, why on earth are we fighting somebody else's war in Yemen. (3:26)

On Trump not defending American values: To the extent that's what he's saying I don't agree with that. I don't think that's what he's saying. I certainly hope that's not what he means. We've got interests everywhere, we've got economy interests everywhere. Certainly that doesn't mean that we're going to look away every time someone we are closely aligned with does something reprehensible. I hope he doesn't mean that. (5:05)

On his conflict with Senator Cotton over criminal justice reform bill: What I took issue with was the suggestion that this bill would just release a lot of people, that it would result in vase droves up federal prisoners being unlocked. The provision that he was referring to actually incentivizes prisoners to go through programming, to take courses, to receive treatment they need. (9:22) 

On Mueller protection bill: I'm against it because it's unconstitutional. There's no reason to create an unaccountable fourth branch of government. (12:34)