Fox News Radio's Guy Benson breaks down Trump's response to Saudi Arabia and how he feels hearing America First. 

Here's the problem I have. Siding with the Saudi regime reminds me very much of the Helsinki Summit where Trump took Putin's word basically at face value over electoral interference against the unified assessment of the U.S. intelligence community and he got clobbered for that. Trump did and rightly so. I was deeply critical of him. This is another example of Trump siding with a foreign despot over his own intelligence agencies, our own intelligence agencies and that is a distressing pattern.

There are interests that would put America First for us to not totally go off on the Saudi regime and go to code red in our diplomatic relations with them. I'm not advocating that, but also I think deep in my core and most Americans' core the term America First has to include America's values and our beliefs and the things we stand for.

Guy discusses the new CBS Poll showing that 74% of the American people say the economy is good, but overall approval rating is 39%. 

The base is very happy with Trump and will love what he does and says and will defend it, but to win reelection if this man wants a second term, and you want him to have a second term, he cannot continue at this pace. He has to bring people back into the fold and then grow his appeal.