National Spokesperson for the RNC Kayleigh McEnany joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the aftermath of the midterms. 

On the RNC's key takeaways from the midterms: We are very pleased that we did make gains in the Senate. We gained two seats going back over eight decades the party holding the White House has only gained 8 seats in aggregate so it's a pretty big accomplishment to have gained two seats. We're very pleased with that. Of course, we're not pleased to have lost the House. It was well below President Obama's first midterm. He lost 63 seats.  So, we're glad it wasn't quite that high, but nevertheless we want to walk with this and understand what we need to do better going into 2020.  (1:24)

On people saying tax bill disadvantaged them: Much of this comes down to messaging because of course your state and local tax deductions. If your state just lowers the taxation in the state, California of course being one of the highest taxed states, then you no longer have to worry about having a state and local tax deduction because the problem lies with the state. That is the root of the problem after all. So we need to explain that. We need to explain it simply.  (2:41)

On lessons to take away from Midwest results: One of the things I would point out as to why you're noticing those trends is that there is a difference between the Trump voter and the Republican voter. Our party historically has not done great among blue-collar workers. That changed with President Trump. He was the reason we won in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.  It was a very unique appeal to this group of voters, but that doesn't always translate to the Republican voter.  It's really important though that we now tie our party as the party of blue-collar workers. (6:29)

On suburban voters: We need to make a direct appeal to this community who has typically been a Republican voting community or group of voters. I think healthcare is where we're going to need to make some very convincing arguments.  Second to that, I would also say this president is very committed to not just using these two years as laying duck years of divided government, but really engaging in bipartisan outreach to the left. (8:55)

On the President's tweets: When you get into that ballot box, when you go there to vote is it the President's tweets that are going to make up your mind or is it what has been done for over the last four years and what will be done for me in the next four years? (10:31)