President Donald Trump will sit down with Chris Wallace for an interview that will air this weekend on "Fox News Sunday."

The exclusive interview will be Wallace's first with Trump since he took office and only the second time Trump has been interviewed on a Sunday morning news show.

Host of Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf to discuss his interview with President Trump.

On how this interview came about: It's like the line, 'How do you get to Carnegie Hall?' Practice, practice, practice. You just keep working it.  (1:16)

On how Trump felt about having to give Acosta his press pass back: The President in his answer was very much at pains to act like this is, as he said, 'not a big deal.' Basically, they're saying we can't do it unilaterally we got to write some rules and then if you break the rules you got to give them due process. So he said we'll write some rules. I thought it was an interesting thing when he said, 'Look, if somebody acts out then I'll just end the news conference.' And as he pointed out all of the reporter's colleagues would be furious because it would mean they hadn't gotten their questions in. I did ask him, why not just don't call on Acosta. He didn't give a very good answer to that. Part of it I think is because it works for the both of them.  (3:51)

On the backlash Trump got on Veterans' Day: First, it was the issue that he didn't go to the cemetery on Saturday in Paris when a lot of other leaders did and then it was the fact that when he was back in D.C. on Monday that he didn't to across the river to Arlington. Believe it or not this is the biggest news. He actually says he wishes he had a do-over. So, you'll get to hear about that, a very rare statement of regret from the President. (5:33)

On reports that Trump is isolated and stewing: It's the very first question I asked him. I said there are all these stories that you're angry, you're mad about the midterms, you're mad about the Mueller investigation, about the Paris trip, and in fact one newspaper actually said he is in a cocoon of resentment. And I said, 'So how dark is your mood?' He basically laughed and said, 'I couldn't be happier.' Again, he's a pretty good performer, but I have to say that we were there for an hour, between about 40 minutes in the Roosevelt Room and we went 10-15 minutes in the Oval Office, and he seemed in very good humor. (6:32)

On how Trump plans to deal with Democrats in the House: He says, 'Look Democrats have been in opposition. They've been able to sit back, fold their arms, and just be opposed to everything.' Now he says they're going to have a vested interest in trying to govern. So he says if they come up with some idea, not say that we're going to just accept it, but that perhaps could be the basis for negotiation between the Democratic House, The Republican Senate, and the White House. I think he's prepared to see if there are a few areas where they can agree and understanding there are going to be more areas where they can't. (9:28)

On the interview: I was surprised at how open he was, how candid he was, and there's a lot of news that will come out of this interview.  (12:30)