Hugh Weber, president of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, discusses leading two major sports programs, one of the top concert venues, and a major E-sports division on this week's show.

Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment is the group that owns the New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia 76ers, the Prudential Center, and Team Dignitas.  Weber discusses leading two of the young and up-coming teams in major league sports.  The 76ers with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and the Devils with Taylor Hall, have two of the brightest futures in their sports.  Weber said it took a long time getting to this spot, and lot of painful times.

Weber also gets into the NHL going international.  He sees the NHL getting more popular as the sport continues to grow, especially with the winter Olympics heading to China.

"China has scale unlike any other country", Weber said.  "It seems that where the Chinese government mandates things are important, things become important."

In working with the Devils and the 76ers, and before both of them, the former New Orleans Hornets, Weber said making a team successful is about incorporating the team into the city's fabric.

"Everything we do in terms of making the team successful is how can we engage the community and make the brand of that team so synonymous in being a part of that tribe that you would walk through walls for it," Weber added.