Florida Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott insisted Monday he "won the election" while accusing incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson of trying to "steal" the race from him, amid chaotic recounts in the sunshine state's Senate and gubernatorial races.

Over the weekend, Florida's secretary of state Ken Detzner announced there would be recounts in both the Senate race and the governor's race, noting that unofficial results in both races fell within the margin that by law triggers a recount. But Scott said he's confident his victory won't be overturned.

Fox News Radio National Correspondent Eben Brown joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf with the latest on Florida's recount. 

On what is happening in Florida: The recount is in progress and it's in progress statewide. For the most part it's going swimmingly well. In fact, for the most part there were no problems in the state of Florida, save for Broward and Palm Beach counties, because other counties in the state, including Miami-Dade which is the state's most populated county, they didn't have problems on election night. They didn't have problems getting their mail in ballots counted and in fact they're well on their way to getting this recount done. I think even ahead of schedule, by that we mean before Thursday, which is a legal deadline for this machine led recount. Broward is having toward. They're saying they're not sure if they're going to make the deadline. They're actually not saying much, which is leading to other frustration and legal questions because they are supposed to be informing everyone what they are doing under the state sunshine law. Palm Beach County has come forward and said there's no way we're going to be done by Thursday and that leaves open another legal trap door.  (00:42)

On Florida voting 50/50: It goes to show that someone's vote actually matters. Florida is not a red state. It's not a blue state. It's a purple state. No matter what either partisan will tell you, we really are blue or we really are red. It's a purple state. There's no two ways about this.  (5:02)