Mid-Terms Update! After some early bumps, more than half of Florida's 67 counties began recounting votes Sunday in the razor-thin Senate and gubernatorial races, bringing back memories of the 2000 presidential fiasco. In Democratic-leaning Broward County, the scheduled start of the recount was delayed Sunday because of a problem with one of the tabulation machines. The Republican Party attacked Broward's supervisor of elections, Brenda Snipes, of "incompetence and gross mismanagement" following the delay, which was resolved within two hours.. Eben Brown, Fox News National Correspondent, has the latest.

Battle? CNN may be gearing up for a legal battle over the Trump administration's revocation of chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta's permanent press credentials. Former ABC News reporter and anchor Sam Donaldson appeared Sunday on CNN's "Reliable Sources" and said he believed a lawsuit had already been filed. Marie & Charlie discuss.

Heartbreaking! Powerful winds swept through California on Sunday, threatening to erase the hard-earned progress made on wildfires that have ravaged both ends of the state and killed at least 31 people. The Camp Fire in Northern California -- the most destructive fire in state history -- has killed at least 29 people, left hundreds missing and destroyed thousands of homes and structures. Jonathan Hunt, Fox News Chief Correspondent in Los Angeles, joins the show from California.

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