On Election Night Benson and Harf broadcasted live from Fox Square in New York City.  Guy Benson and Marie Harf announced breaking election results on a special three hour edition of the show.  

Mo Elleithee, founding Executive Director of Georgetown University's Institute of Politics and Public Service, sat down with Guy Benson to give his predictions for how election night will play out. 

After 2016, we would all probably be best to get out of the prediction business, but one of the reasons why is because what Donald Trump did in 2016 and why a lot of predictions were wrong is because he changed the electorate. We were all modeling our predictions in 2016 based on a typical presidential year turnout and he changed what that turnout looked like. I kind of get the sense, and we'll know if a few hours, that may be happening again this time in the Democrats favor.

National Spokesperson for the RNC Kayleigh McEnany shares what the RNC is focusing on the night of the midterm election. 

We're feeling very positive about the Senate. I think most folks agree that we'll pick up seats, North Dakota certainly, Florida's in play, Missouri's in play. We've had a slight lead in Missouri. Other states like Indiana, there were two polls that showed Mike Braun up, but the polling has been all over the map there. So, we anticipate gains in the Senate.

Josh Kraushaar, Politics Editor at National Journal, gives his insight into what the possible outcomes of the midterm election could be. 

The reality is this election is going to be good for Democrats. The question is if this is a huge Blue Wave where Democrats win districts and states across the country or is it more of a realigning election where Democrats do well in the suburbs, but Republicans hold their own in the Trump states?

Tom Bevan, Executive Editor of Realclearpolitics.com, shared his predictions for the election. 

It's been a lot of speculation about what might happen tonight and it certainly looks like Democrats are poised to have a good night. The question is, 'How good?' The only thing we really do know at this point is the turnout is off the charts.

Former Clinton Campaign Director of Strategic Communications Adrienne Elrod gives her take on how good of a night it could be for Democrats. 

I think Kentucky 6 and Virginia 10 those are the two sort of trend setting nights. If Virginia 10 is called pretty quickly it's going to be a good night for Democrats, if it takes a little longer we'll see where the embers fall.