Fox News Senior Producer For Capitol Hill Chad Pergram joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to give insight into what is happening on Capitol Hill the day after the election. 

On what he is hearing about what Democratic leadership in the House might look like: Let's start with Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader and the prospective Speaker. Let's put this in historical context if she's going to return to the Speaker suite we have not had a Speaker return after they've been out of power since the early 1950's. Sam Rayburn from Texas had three separate stints as Speaker and so he came back not once, but twice, as Speaker, the most recent in the 1950's. The person who he toggled back and forth with was Joe Martin, a Republican Speaker from Massachusetts who did it twice himself.  If Pelosi in fact wins and comes back that's a little bit different. That has not happened in a long time.  (1:16)

On multiple people running for Speaker: That would be very bloody. We have not done that in the House of Representatives having a multi-ballot vote for Speaker since 1923.  Speaker Gillet of Massachusetts was the one who was the last Speaker to go through a multi-vote ballot and he ultimately prevailed in the House of Representatives.  Here's the thing I do know about Nancy Pelosi. She's a really good vote counter, without question the best on Capitol Hill whether she is in the majority or minority and if she doesn't think that she has the votes we will know because she will know and she will probably figure out some way to exit. (5:00)

On on the Republican side: You could always have recriminations there because they lost the control of the House. It certainly helps Republicans that when you have two top leadership positions, Minority Leader and Minority Whip,  it's easier that Paul Ryan, the Speaker, is going away. So, that kind of opens the door for Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise.  (9:33)

On reaction on the Hill to Sessions resigning: I think people thought it might happen, but it was just a matter of when it might happen and that was the key right there the fact that it was coming at this point in time, the day after the election when we were still sorting through what the midterms meant and who is going to be the Speaker of the House and then boom that this takes the next step. That was the problem.  (12:42)