Jake Gibson, Fox News Channel Producer for the DOJ, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie after breaking the news of Jeff Sessions' resignation. 

On how he found out Sessions was resigning: I woke up this morning and thought well I guess this could be the day for Jeff sessions, but I really didn't think it would be the day.  Upon being reminded I do remember that I was around and working in Washington the day after the midterms I believe it was '06 was Don Rumsfeld was canned by President George W. Bush, so this does happen. I thought it would be a few more days and then learned in the middle of the day that this was going to happen very soon and we all rushed to get it onto TV and we were first.  (00:38)

On the process of confirming a story like this: I got the letter and then I was told that it would probably be Whitaker but that couldn't be from the source that was giving me the letter. So I went to John Roberts and said, "Look this is happening. Can you get Whitaker?' and he did and we knew we were good. I mean I knew we were good before that, but we also wanted to have that additional piece and John, once he was comfortable, he went on TV with it. (1:36)

On what the mood is like at the DOJ: I mean among the people who are close with him they're sad. There were some tears out there by the people who work with him every day, some of the press people who work with him every day, not reporters but his press staff who deals with us were choked up. (2:42)