About Last Night! Kennedy, Host of Kennedy on Fox Business Network, talks about closing the show last night.

Breaking! Jeff Sessions, once one of President Trump's most loyal and trusted advisers before infuriating Trump over his recusal from the Russia investigation, has resigned as attorney general. "At your request, I am submitting my resignation," Sessions wrote in a letter to Trump. Sessions departure from the Justice Department is not unexpected, as the president has signaled changes to his administration after the midterms. But no one faced more rumors of an imminent dismissal than Sessions. Guy and Marie discuss. Jake Gibson, FNC Producer for the DOJ, has the latest.

Juan Williams, Fox News analyst, The Hill columnist, author of "What the Hell Do You Have to Lose?, joins the show to talk about last night.

Un American? President Trump clashed dramatically at Wednesday's press conference with CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta, after the CNN star peppered Trump with questions and refused to give up the microphone as he asked about the migrant caravan and Russia investigation. "That's enough. Put down the mic," he ordered Acosta, as a White House aide tried to take the microphone from him, only for Acosta to initially refuse to turn it over and push her arm down.

Chad Pergram, Fox News Senior Producer for Capitol Hill, gives insight into what Democratic leadership might look like in the House.

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