Rich Edson, State Department Correspondent for Fox News Channel, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss foreign policy. 

Update on discussions with Saudi Arabia: We don't really know what the administration's going to do. They've taken one step in response to this and that has been to either suspend of deny 21 Saudi nationals from getting Visas to come to the United States. Beyond that the administration continues saying that it's waiting for this investigation to go forward and it's waiting for facts to surface,  but it was last week that the CIA director went to Turkey to meet with Turkish officials there, briefed the President last week on that investigation.  (1:52)

On new sanctions against Iran: What will happen on Monday and this was the announcement from the administration today, Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, Secretary Pompeo here at the State Department announced that the United States will restore the sanctions, finish restoring the sanctions,  that it lifted as part of the 2015 nuclear agreement. So, it essentially finally withdraws the United States from that deal. These sanctions, which will take affect on Monday, target Iran's oil industry, it's banking industry, it's shipping industry. The administration says it's going to designate some 700 individuals, businesses, vessels,  air craft, in what it calls the most robust strongest sanctions regime against Iran in history. (7:20)

On State Department reaction to caravan: The policy posture is coordination, conversations with the Mexican government. The Secretary in the State Department says that they have repeatedly spoken with the Mexican government about this caravan that's moving over. They welcome the United Nations getting involved with the Mexican government to try to provide relief and processing and help those, especially those who are refugees. It really is pressure from this administration to try to halt or resolve as much of this as possible before it becomes a domestic issue, before the caravan moves up to the U.S. border.  (11:25)