DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss what the DNC is focusing on before the midterms. 

On the DNC's closing argument: We feel very confident that we're going to have a remarkable night next Tuesday. Our closing argument is that Democrats are fighting for the people, while the Republicans are fighting for the top 1%. Democrats are fighting to make sure you can keep your healthcare and expand it. Republicans have been trying to take it away. Democrats are making sure you have jobs and good wages. Republicans have a tax plan that has been absolutely unpopular and so we're going to be very clear of conveying that it's not just about Trump being bad it's why we are good. (1:00)

On lessons from 2016: Persuasion and organization. In 2016, there was a thought that there was no possible way that Donald Trump could win and there was too much focus on just registration and mobilization only of the base and not also persuading Independents and undecided voters all the way through the end and as we're seeing across the country people are still making decisions in many different aspects. We are ready for that. Secondly is organization. We have this new motto of every zip code counts, electing Democrats from the school board to the Senate, city council to Congress, and State House to the White House. We have mobilization at that is happening everywhere. (3:17)

On former government officials running for office: I sent a message to my team today that I voted early and to be able to look at my name on the ballot again and prepare for what we anticipate being elected for a third time next Tuesday to the State Assembly there is no greater honor than being able to serve. When you get the chance to serve the president and get to be able to go back home it's pretty remarkable. (5:17)