National Spokesperson for the RNC Kayleigh McEnany joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the midterm elections. 

On what the RNC is most focused on 6 days out: You're right to mention early voting. That is definitely a key priority of ours and voter contacts we've made. I believe at this point we're approaching 60 million, if not greater, voter contacts. That means calling landlines. That means knocking on doors. That means mobilizing individuals to the polls. The so-called ground games, preparing for the day of voting and ensuring that those who have a ballot in their hand already return that and that those who are able to go out and early vote. It all at this point not about fundraising anymore. It is all about mobilizing that vote because a higher turnout election means it's a better day for Republicans. (1:10)

On RNC investing in data operation: It's a point that ended up I think making a difference for us in 2016. Democrats had the better data operation a decade ago when President Barack Obama won. Data operation helped make that happen, but as Hillary Clinton noted in the aftermath of her loss, the Republican data operation is the best in the business even she said it.  That's in large credit to Reince Priebus investing at this point we're up to a quarter of a billion dollars over time. It's something that our chairwoman has helped and aided and assisted in continuing. Folks need to realize this is not about winning a national consensus or even in a Senate election a state consensus. It's about knocking on  a very small universe of persuadable voters and for us our data operations allows us to do that. (2:55)

On Republicans message to suburban female voters: I think the optimal message for these voters is kind of encapsulated in that ad that the campaign put out this week. The Trump campaign put out the ad of a mother talking to her children emphasizing that economic prosperity has developed in the wake of the Trump presidency and do you want to reverse those gains. That is the message that we need to get to this key group of voters. I would also make the point though that polling suggested that President Trump would not win certain groups of college educated women. It said he was down I think after the conventions by about 10 points, but nevertheless he ended up winning part of that group by I think a point or two. (5:16)

On Trump and Paul Ryan arguing over birthright citizenship: I would add that there was an a lot of inter-party dispute during 2016 as it turned out that didn't affect the Trump presidency. He is after all president. Inter-party dispute I'm not certain that is going to dissuade voters from turning out for their Republican nominee. What I think that this discussion has served to do is put immigration back in the headlines. This is something make no mistake we want our candidates talking about.  (7:39)

On Steve King's comments seen by many as anti-Semitic: I haven't seen his most recent comments, but I did see the one that Steve Stivers condemned yesterday. I want to emphasize our party wants diversity. Diversity makes us stronger.  (8:53)

On if the RNC will continue to support Steve King: Well, we stand by all of our Republican nominees because we believe in allowing our voters to decide. We as a party are very clear we don't endorse in primaries. We stand by our GOP nominees that would include Steve King and we allow our voters to decide because we're a party of voters.  (10:11)