Associate editor of RealClearPolitics AB Stoddard joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf to give insight into the midterm election. 

On how she thinks the midterms will play out: I think that most people believe the Democrats are going to come close enough to take the House and that if it's really tight we could be looking at a lot of recounts and that's the way that it goes. If it's not and we see early in the night that they're just winning seats outright that's going to surprise me because as you and I talked about the Democrats really have to change their model to win this midterm. They have to turn out in ways they didn't in 2010 and 2014 in those midterms for President Obama, in which the Democratic Party was set back many many many years at the state level and the federal level. (00:54)

On if Trump's closing argument will work: This is such an interesting question Marie because look several months ago most of America was led to believe that the President had released an executive order that was ending family separation in these detention centers. That wasn't true. It was an order that said Congress can look into it or something. And so if people across the country have been paying attention to the news from yesterday and today and decided that this huge deployment is headed for the border and that's definitely going to lock it down and limit the number of people that can come in. We've taken care of the caravan, thank goodness and now this birthright citizenship executive order that he says is definitely going to get done if you're that person that thinks those two things are true are you motivated to vote or do you think the President's taking care of all of this stuff? (4:30)

On Democratic new voters needing to see their vote mean something: They also need to learn how shutdown the system is in so many ways and I think the people who are aware of that who are in the political world or just your average citizen who is really into this and has learned about it at the granular level it is really important for them to understand that. You and I have talked about this personally, I always tell everyone your starting civic duty is to vote in a primary. I don't care if it's Republican or Democrat. People need to vote in primaries so we can purge the radicals from the whole process at the very start. They can't even end up representing us.  (11:35)

On the races she is watching: I have a lot of House races. I'm very concerned about Brian Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania 1. He's a probably solver. Hillary Clinton won that race by one point. He won it by 7 and now he's in real trouble and it would only be because of Trump. He completely separated himself from Trump and if the Republicans lose moderates like him that's a big problem.  (14:03)