Charlie Hurt, Fox News contributor and columnist for The Washington Times, joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf to talk midterms. 

On his sense of the political landscape before the midterms: A month ago I would have given a far different explanation. I would have said that I thought that the enthusiasm we've seen in previous contests, special elections and things like, that showed an extraordinary enthusiasm on the Democratic side. I do think that a lot of that has clearly closed and even though I despise polling, and polls, and pollsters, and people who read polls, but I do think that polling at least has shown trends that the enthusiasm among Republicans has gotten a lot better.  (1:10)

On Trump trying to make a closing argument for Republicans: Donald Trump has been very good at conveying his supporters within the primaries. We haven't seen that success conveying the popularity for him onto Republicans in general elections and that's the big question and I think a lot of that will be answered...That's why his crazy carnival politics is so effective because he is able to animate all of these characters and he does it in a way that only a great showman does it and I know that it makes you and a lot of people cringe when he does it, but for a lot of people it's a little bit like going to a rodeo or a blue grass show. The corny humor country humor is hilarious and is it goofball? Yeah. It's a little bit like pro wrestling, but its animating and it gets people excited and involved.  (3:29)

On Trump acting a part: Donald Trump proved that voters had more faith in a reality star candidate than they had faith in any politician running to keep their word and that says something and that didn't just happen overnight and that isn't an unjustified frustration. You can't tell me you don't agree that there a lot to be frustrated about coming out of the hell whole in the past 20-25 years. (7:36)

On Trump sending troops to border and bringing up birthright citizenship for politics: Messages are good. That's what politics are all about.  It's a message to people in Honduras don't come here. Don't risk your lives and come here. You're going to be turned away at the border. That's a good thing.  (11:54)