Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital and former White House director of communications, joined the podcast and opened up about his time in Washington D.C. while discussing his new book, “Trump, the Blue-Collar President.”

Scaramucci said President Donald Trump is unfairly scrutinized, saying if President Barack Obama accomplished what President Trump has, they’d be chipping granite at Mount Rushmore.

Scaramucci, a New York native, expressed his astonishment of Washington D.C. culture during his short time working in the nation’s capital. He said it’s about “stabbing your eyeballs out” and being “the last guy standing” instead of working as a team.  Even working on the presidential transition team at Trump Tower, he found, “The backstabbing was unbelievable, I mean the lying, the deceitfulness.”

While President Trump has a number of major accomplishments, Scaramucci said President Trump is suffering from the people surrounding him.

“President Trump picked cesspool operators, okay, to come in and try to drain the swamp. Cesspool operators only going to pour sewage into the swamp, not drain them,” Scaramucci said.

Scaramucci also addressed the infamous article by Ryan Lizza in “The New Yorker” that contained expletive-laden comments about other White House senior officials that ultimately got him fired.

“Those guys knew exactly how I felt,” Scaramucci said, expressing that the real drama came from a respected political journalist writing a disparaging article about what one senior official thought of other senior officials.