Packages containing suspected explosive devices were intercepted en route to some of the most prominent political figures in the country - including former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - putting law enforcement on high alert Wednesday and prompting evacuations and sweeps of several facilities.

CNN's New York office was among those evacuated due to the discovery of an apparent explosive device. Law enforcement officers said the incidents appear related, and the devices appear to be pipe bombs. A law enforcement official directly involved in the investigation tells Fox News that the devices have similar packaging, labeling and postage -- leading investigators to believe that one person or group is responsible.

National Editor Of The Cook Political Report Amy Walter joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the bomb scare  and the divisiveness in the country.

On her response to the bomb scare: My very first response was to be both horrified and yet not surprised and not shocked and that feels like a terrible place to be. The events of 9/11 were horrifying and shocking and surprising. It was nothing I could have ever imagined happening. I think given where we've been for the last two and a half years between the rhetoric between the divisiveness the name calling the nastiness I've been expecting for some time unfortunately that we were going to see an act of violence. (1:11)

On if there is a way to fix the core problem: I think the good news is everybody, including the President, came out immediately condemning this, not pointing fingers. I'm very curious to see what happens tonight. The president has a rally up in Wisconsin. This is where things get hot. This is when those rhetoric attacks on candidates or on parties or going after people specifically, again not saying we want to do bodily harm to these people. But just the sense that we're at war. We've been at war for a few years now. It didn't just start with President Trump. (4:58)

On people blaming Democrats for the bomb scare: How many people have sent you all tweets or emails that are kind of scary? It's one thing to say look there are crazy people in the world. You can't blame it all on Twitter, but the number of people who are out there who think it's okay to send a public person a note that everybody can read saying horrible things about them and what they would like to do to them is pretty scary, but it is where we are. I think even if people aren't saying it out loud. What does this mean? What happened? There will always been conspiracy theories and we've been swimming in conspiracy theories. (8:13)