T-14 Days From the growing caravan of migrants making its way toward America's southern border to a pledge of new tax cuts for middle-income Americans, the midterm season could yet hold a few twists and turns between now and Election Day. The Nov. 6 elections are widely seen as a referendum on the Trump administration and Republican policies pushed in the past two years. Democrats hope to take control of the House and Senate, where Republicans hold a narrow lead. Guy & Marie have the latest.

Michael Auslin, the inaugural Williams-Griffis Fellow in Contemporary Asia at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, joins Guy and Marie live from the Hoover Institution.

Senior Editor at National Review Jonah Goldberg discusses Jamal Khashoggi and more.

Not So Funny! "Comedian" Amy Schumer, fresh off her sort-of arrest during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, took to Instagram late Friday to announce that she's joining Colin Kaepernick's cause, and "protesting" the NFL's decision to "blacklist" the former second-string quarterback. Schumer posted her anti-NFL manifesto to Instagram Friday night under a photo of her leaning on a giant wine glass.

Executive Director of Georgetown's Institute of Politics & Public Service Mo Elleithee talks midterms with Guy and Marie.

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