Fox News DOJ Producer Jake Gibson joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to give the latest on the Paul Manafort trial and an indictment on Russia for interference in 2018 election cycle. 

On Paul Manafort in court Friday: Probably the most interesting that happened was, we knew that Mr. Manafort was not going to look his dapper self before he was coming in his suit and that is always that the judge allows that so the jury is not looking down on the defendant. He has now been sifted though so the judge said I'm not giving him the chance to wear his nice suit.  We knew he was going to be in an Alexandria inmate jumpsuit. What we didn't know what that he was going to be pushed in a wheelchair.  That took everyone by surprise.  (1:47)

On the criminal case for Russian interference in 2018 elections: This is interesting for the reason that you brought up, which is that this is 2018. This is now.  We're not looking back. We're looking forward. This is a woman, Elena Khusyaynova. She is indicted and we should also put it out there as a lot of these indictments that are happening on Russians this person is not in this country.  (5:29)

On reports Mueller investigation is wrapping up: I know the reporter that wrote that Bloomberg piece and he's a good reporter. The only thing I would say is that piece said Mueller might wrap up after the election. I think that we all know that. I don't think that was huge news. I think it was a decent headline, but I don't think there was a whole lot of air there. (8:15)