The top U.S. general in Afghanistan somehow escaped unscathed from a bloody "insider attack" in the country Thursday that claimed the lives of three important local leaders and wounded a duo of Americans who had gathered for a high-level meeting at the Kandahar Province governor's mansion.

Mike Baker, former covert operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, president and co-founder of Diligence LLC, and a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the recent attack in Afghanistan and more. 

On his analysis of the attack in Afghanistan: This has got to be put in context of what is coming up on Saturday, which is the national elections. There have been a series of bombings by the Taliban and killings of candidates and the aftermath of that has been a lot of civilians killed and injured as well.  What the Taliban is trying to do is disrupt these elections. They've been postponed now for several years, primarily because of security concerns. I would look at this in that context. (1:08)

On what we should be doing in Afghanistan: I've been beating this dumb for years now, saying that look we went in after 9/11. We went in and we did a very effective tactful operation there the Tora Bora operation and that's what we're extremely good at. At that point we should have, my argument is, we should have said fine that's it. We've routed the core of the problem and now if you allow outside elements like Al Qaeda or others to use your country in the same manner, meaning to plot and plan and carry out attacks against the West, we will come back and do this again, but we're not going to stay here and nation build.  (2:25)

On if there is way for U.S. prevent a backslide but also not stay in Afghanisatan: I would argue that there is. I would argue that part of the problem after 9/11, one of the reasons why we ended up staying, was this idea that we're going to create this democracy in Afghanistan when everyone else had failed in transforming that country for generations. (6:22)

On what has to happen now with Saudi Arabia: We're dealing with the same things you always get with incidents like this with an investigation, particularly now with technology and the media scene and the demand for an answer. Everybody wants to get that answer immediately and investigations don't work that way. So, the President in his own ineloquent way is right when he says we're going to get the facts, we're going to get to the bottom of this, we're going to get the investigative details. (9:05)