Fox News Channel Correspondent Peter Doocy  joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf live from Montana to give the latest on the Montana Senate race. 

On the scene in Missoula, Montana: It's at a big airport hangar with a nice mountain view. People will be able to see Air Force One when it lands two hours from now.  This is a big crowd for a candidate Matt Rosendale, who thinks that he'g got a lot of momentum at least over the last couple of weeks because of the Kavanaugh confirmation chaos up on Capitol Hill. (2:03)

On the Ronny Jackson issue: I think the reason that this state pays more attention with the Ronny Jackson thing six months later is because one out of every ten residents of Montana is either an active military member or a veteran. So, things concerning veteran hospitals and different kinds of veteran healthcare do get an outsized amount of attention here that they might not get somewhere else. (3:50)

On Trump's approval rating in Montana: The places where we have been people seem like they want a lawmaker who will at least consider voting with the President and that includes some folks that we were talking to at a John Tester event in Butte about two hours away from here earlier today. The thing that people want with Trump in the White House is to know that their senator's vote means something and that if something big comes up that could possibly impact Montana they want to know that their senator is going to be able to work with the President. (6:14)