Less than three weeks until Election Day, voters are thinking most about health care, the economy, and reining in President Trump -- and Democratic candidates are benefiting.

Currently, 49 percent of likely voters back the Democratic candidate in their House district and 42 percent the Republican, according to a new Fox News national survey.  That 7-point lead is unchanged from last month, and just outside the poll's margin of error.  Nine percent will vote for someone else or are undecided.

Chris Anderson, president Anderson Robbins Research, member of the Fox News Election Night Decision Team, and Democratic partner on the Fox News Poll, joins Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss Fox News' latest poll. 

On the generic ballot numbers not changing from the last Fox News poll: I'll tell you what I took from it, which is it doesn't seem to matter too much what happens these days. It's been a pretty chaotic month if you think back to our last poll.  It's starting to seem that is being viewed as business as usual. (00:51)

On how Trump's approval rating going up affects the midterms: Where it will make a difference, and where in this election the midterms are going to play out, are in 50 or 60 tossup districts.  We did take a look at those. We broke those out in our poll to see how they're different from the country overall and in general these are districts that went for Trump. So, they're, 90% of them, it's Republicans defending and they're tight.  (2:24)

On healthcare being the top issue for people: That is the issue that a lot of Democrats are trying to feature in their race and there's a really good reason for that, which is Obamacare is suddenly popular. For years it was not and now it is. (4:23)

On polls looking for likely voters: We break out likely voters as a subset of  registered voters and in our mind it's our responsibility to try to identify those voters who are more likely to go to the polls. With that said, it's an inexact science.  (9:25)