Executive Editor Of Realclearpolitics.com Tom Bevan joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to talk midterms. 

On Democrats spending millions in new attack ads in New Jersey: Republicans have the same problems in New Jersey that Democrats face in Texas, for example. There are 920,000 more registered Democrats in the state of New Jersey and that's a state that every cycle Republicans feel like they have shot there, but it tends to be sort of a pipe dream. Menendez is obviously a flawed candidate and Bob Hugin is actually a pretty good candidate. He's a veteran, a former marine, businessman. He's moderate and pro-choice. He sort of fits the state profile and we did see a couple polls that showed the race close a couple weeks ago, but they were followed by polls that showed Menendez up double digits. (00:44)

On Senate and governors race in Florida after the hurricane: I really don't think its affected the fundamentals of this race. Rich Scott is still governor. He's suspended his campaign indefinitely until they get through the hurricane recovery piece of this. Maybe it benefits him. He did have high approval ratings for the way he handled Maria and the aftermath of that.  So, there may be some benefit for Rick Scott, but I think fundamentally -- I think in most races around the country most voters have already decided by now. (3:00)

On Heidi Heitkamp ad that mistakenly named women as sexual assault survivors: I'm sure she's wondering how it happened too. We'll probably find out more about it but I totally agree with the consensus on this, which is it's the kind of mistake you rarely see. It is a car crash of epic proportions literally three weeks before election day. (6:15)

On the Arizona Senate race debate Monday night: Kyrsten Sinema presented herself very well. She came across very calm and cool. McScally was a little bit more animated and basically started every response with, 'that was a total lie.' It was over and over again. The stuff that has come out against Kyrsten Sinema is really tough for her campaign because it's at odds with this idea that she is this centrist looking to reach across the aisle and she just wants to get things done for her favorite state of Arizona. Video tape is the most damning thing you can have. (8:49)