Politics Editor at National Journal Josh Kraushaar joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to talk midterms. 

On any good news for Republicans: There are demographic cross-currents when it comes to the battle for the House. When I'm looking at polling, the national polling, even that tossup polling you're talking about, it isn't the most useful data because what we're seeing in the battle for the House is that suburban districts, many held by Republicans, are swinging toward the Democrats. (2:10)

On the gender gap: That's huge and it's bigger than any midterm. It's bigger than any presidential election. Trump seems to relish expanding that base, expanding that gap by gender. You see some polls that have shown 30 points. Democrats have a 30 point advantage. I believe the ABC poll is a little bit smaller than that, but these are historic numbers. They're historic advantages for Democrats. It's predominately in the suburbs. (4:50)

On if newly registered voters get picked up in these polls: It's really hard to do polling because part of the secret of a good poll is figuring out who is going to show up. We've seen in election after election in the last couple of years is historic Democratic turnout, including a lot of folks who don't typically turn up in an off year election are showing up. Most polls have a hard time figuring out that electorate. I think it's a safe bet to assume Democratic turnout is going to be through the roof.  I think it's also a safe bet to assume Independent voters are going to swing a little bit to the Democrats this year, given they're trying to put a check on Republican control of government.  (6:30)

On the Arizona race: Kyrsten Sinema was an anti-war activist. She was a Ralph Nader supporter for a long time, about a decade ago, 15 years ago.  She's running as an anti-Schumer moderate trying to tout her bipartisan message as a Senate candidate, but she never has fully explained how she became kind of a very far left, one Democrat told me she was sort of the Ron Paul of the state legislature when she was in the state house, on the other end of the spectrum, and now she's all of a sudden Gabby Giffords. (10:30)