Amy Walter, National Editor of The Cook Political Report, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to talk midterms. 

On the Nevada Senate race: Two things. The first is I think people assume because it's Nevada and Democrats, at least at the presidential level, have carried it. Obama carried it easily in 2008 and 2012. Clinton carried it by a narrower margin. That it's a blue state. What it is though is really it's a red state but it also has a significant Latino population that helps give it a blue tint... The second thing I think about every time we go to Nevada and we see a close race I think about Harry Reid and every poll in 2010 had him losing that race. (2:32)

On Democrats looking to independents and enthusiasm for advantage: Not only do we fight the last war but what we tend to do is also look at the last election that reminds us of this election. When was the last time Democrats were looking this strong going into a midterm? 2006. Let's be 2006. Well, it's not... This year Democrats are off the charts excited. They're blowing by any number that Pew has ever shown in terms of interest and enthusiasm in this election by about 21 points, but that's an incredible number by the way... It seems to me what we may end up with this election is where we sort of started at the end of 2016, which is an incredibly polarized America where the blues are going to get much bluer and the reds get redder.  (6:31)

On close Senate races leaning Republican & close House races leaning Democrat: You can't as a Democrat in some of these states afford any mistakes. Your margin for error is really narrow, but I would also argue that still the driving issue in every one of these states and every one of these districts is the opinion of Donald Trump. (11:12)

On early voting: I think we got ourselves into a little bit of trouble in 2016 by trying to read into these numbers we had no context for.  I have to be an expert in that state to understand what it means when you tell me that 3,000 people in Florida today cast their ballots in this county. There was no context for the discussion about early voting.  (13:28)