National Review Institute Fellow David French joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation. 

On his piece The Wounds Won't Heal: This fight was more divisive than the 2016 election. You might think you're insane to say that because the 2016 election was incredibly divisive. But the reason why I say this is because in 2016 Hillary and Trump were not exactly the best sort of avatars and champions of their respective points of view or the respective points of view of conservatives or progressives.  A lot of people were able to say a pox on both your houses and hold them at arms length. The Kavanaugh controversy brought people, good people on both sides, into direct conflict over really a fundamentally different way in which they view the world. (00:52)

On why he thinks it was right that Kavanaugh: When Republicans looked at Kavanaugh they saw a person who had checked all the right boxes, played by all the rules, he was a family man, he was married to his wife, no hints of infidelity. This was a guy who sort of defined respectable Republican. This wasn't a Trumpian in any way shape or form. So, when Ford came forward with her allegations people of good faith and the red side of the ledger said prove it. I'm going to listen to you. I respect your point of view. I respect you and treating you with dignity and respect means hearing out your claims, but the bottom line is you have to prove them before I'm going to agree that we should cast Kavanaugh aside or before I am going to believe that he is somebody capable of committing an act like that. That was the position that I took. (4:21)

On why the left have reacted so strongly: I also think there is the element that an awful lot of people have suffered shattering personal experiences only to see that the person who abused them has never faced any consequence at all. The idea that you could be watching, in their mind, again somebody who had done terrible things escape any consequence and not only escape any consequence end up on the Supreme Court had a deep and emotional impact on people.  (8:00)

On where we go from here: I really don't know because I feel like where we are right now is we are at a point of real and profound division and I don't see a clear way through it as of right now. I just have to confess that. (14:31)