Fox News Analyst Juan Williams joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to talk about the midterms and his new book, "What The Hell Do You Have To Loose?" 

On the landscape before the midterms: The landscape is so important because it's almost like the tale of two cities. If you're talking about the U.S. Senate right now, especially in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh hearings it looks like the GOP base has been energized and you're talking about a lot of red states with Democrats in them. So we're talking about places like North Dakota with Heidi Heitkamp. We're talking about Indiana with Joe Connelly. We're talking about Missouri with Claire MsCaskill... The other city I mentioned is the House of Representatives. There it looks like Democrats are doing better than ever because the Democratic base has been energized. They may be more energized if it's possible after the Kavanaugh hearings. (1:30)

On how many new Democratic voters have registered: I think this really plays up in the House races in specific because that's where you're going to see a lot of the young people and a lot of the women who may have previously been sort of like, 'Hey it's a midterm election.' Last time around in 2014 we actually hit a low in terms of turnout and we're looking now at potentially historic highs for any midterm election because people are so polarized and angry voters are likely voters. (4:00)

On the state races: I think the energized vote here is going to help and you look at a race like Georgia and you say, 'Oh my gosh Stacy Abrams is actually in good shape there.'  When you look at Andrew Gillum. Go back to Florida. You say, 'Hey, how is this possible!' But again, I think what you're seeing is people are focused now on these local issues, in addition to this being a referendum on President Trump. (7:45)

On what prompted him to write about race: I just think it's so critical. It's so critical to so many discussions we're having and even ongoing. Tomorrow Kanye West is going to the White House. So, why is Kanye West there? I think again President Trump sees him as convenient ally at this moment to say to black people, 'Look Kanye West is supporting. Kanye West is brave.' Whenever anything racial comes up the President's fallback is to say, 'Look at the record of unemployment.'  (12:42)