Senior Producer for Capitol Hill Chad Pergram joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to give insight into what is happening on Capitol Hill leading up to the Kavanaugh confirmation vote.

On the next 24 hours: I'm going throw a wild card on you. We are on the clock right now. The rule in the Senate is once you invoke cloture you, you vote to end debate,  a clock that runs for 30 hours starts to tick, which means that they would have the confirmation vote at 4:52 eastern time on Saturday afternoon. That's 30 hours from when they ended debate. They don't have to use all 30 hours and it's typical sometimes that they yield, but we've been told to expect the Senate to be in all night and around the clock tomorrow afternoon. Here's the wild card. We think this vote is going to go 51-49 based on the announcements by Susan Collins and Joe Manchin. Steve Daines, the Republican senator from Montana, has made it abundantly clear he supports Brett Kavanaugh. He really wants to be here. If his vote is necessary he will be here, but Steve Daines is supposed to walk his daughter down the aisle in Montana Saturday and he's doing that. The question is, 'Will they keep that vote open?'  (00:56)

On if its up to McConnell or Daines to keep the vote open: It's up to Mitch McConnell if he decides to do that. Does Mitch McConnell really want to keep the Senate in another 12 to 13 hours? We've had some long days here. The Senate will have already been in session all Friday night into Saturday.  (3:44)

On when Trump wants to swear in Kavanaugh: The goal was to get him on before the term started. They came short of that goal because of the extra research and having the hearing with Christine Blasey Ford last week. So, they blew past that deadline. Either way even if they close this roll call vote Sunday morning sometime in the wee hours or when people are going to church they probably will be able to swear him in Monday morning no matter what. (6:05)

On if the Senate will do anything else before the midterms: Mitch McConnell still has a slate of judges that he'd like to get confirmed. We'll see what that agreement might be and how many people the Democrats might agree to because they want to go home and campaign. (7:46)