A new round of Fox News battleground polls shows a Republican trend in the fight for the U.S. Senate. The GOP candidates are helped by increased interest in the election among Republicans and pro-Donald Trump sentiment.

There's been an uptick in GOP interest in all five states surveyed.  Compared to early September, the number of Republicans feeling "extremely" interested in the upcoming election is up by 2 points in Arizona, up by 9 points in Indiana, up 8 points in both Missouri and North Dakota, and up 11 points in Tennessee.  In each state, Republicans are now just as likely as Democrats to say they are extremely interested -- erasing an edge Democrats had in several states last month.

Chris Anderson joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to break down the newest Fox News poll.

On the time frame of this poll: In terms of timing, these were in the field starting last Saturday through Tuesday. So they started just after the Kavanaugh hearing last Thursday. Also, it's important to note that this is the second time that we conducted a poll in these five states. The first time was in the beginning of September. So we're able to compare that data. Top line is a modest trend towards Republicans where the most obvious is in a measure of interest that we ask, which is how interested are you in the midterm elections. (1:27)

On the economy: It's a really interesting dynamic because yes a majority of Americans are feeling better about the direction of the economy, but in our Fox national poll, I think it was a month before last, we asked our standard question, rate the economy, and it gets positive ratings from a strong majority of Republicans. Independents and Democrats are not feeling nearly as positive about it. (4:37)

On how Kavanaugh can help or hurt Republicans: I don't think that we fully know the political impact of the Kavanaugh nomination. It's possible that presumably it look at this point that he will be confirmed. If he is confirmed do the Republicans stay as engaged and energized or do they feel like they won? Do the Democrats get double energized now that they're seeing a generation of conservative majority on the Supreme Court. (6:41)