The White House on Wednesday said President Trump was "stating facts" when he mocked Christine Blasey Ford for an alleged lack of detail in her allegation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh -- and accused Democrats of exploiting Ford for political purposes.

Host Of The Daily Briefing Dana Perino joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss President Trump's comments about Dr. Ford last night and Sarah Sander's defense. 

On Trump's comments at the rally: If you took exactly what Trump said and said it in my voice. 'She said she had one beer.' I can't remember the exact words, but if you heard that in my voice you would not think it was mocking. You would think I was just repeating things that I deduced from her testimony and from Rachel Mitchell's memo, but when he says it it does carry different weight. It's the tone, but that's his tone. (4:40)

On how Sarah Sanders handled the briefing: I think today that she did a good job. Remember we don't care what Sarah Sanders' personal opinion is as Americans. We should not care. She is a spokesperson for the President of the United States. Is she speaking well on his behalf? Do you think that she is providing the thinking behind his decisions? Do you think that she is giving you the President's thoughts and the way he's approaching things? That's her job. (7:36)

On how to correctly handle the allegations against Kavanaugh: I don't know. I think asking the FBI to look, fine. But, truly he's been through six background checks beforehand.  One of the first things that a retired FBI agent that is conducting the background check will do is ask your friends, neighbors, and family, 'Have you ever seen her drunk?' It's the number one question because what is that a sign of. That you're possibly vulnerable to blackmail. It's never come up before. How is the FBI supposed to find out? I don't know. (11:43)