Tom Bevan, executive editor of, joined Fox News Radio's Marie Harf to talk about the midterm elections. 

On New Jersey race: We just had a poll, a Monmouth poll, come out showing this is a two point race, which is pretty surprising. There has been so much talk about Texas and how close it is. That is also a tossup race. It's under five points in our Real Clear Politics average. And it is it's you know it's it's close and it's getting a lot of attention but Bob Menendez has sort of flown under the radar screen. We haven't had much polling data out of New Jersey because you know it's expensive and people didn't feel it was a race to focus on.  So, that was a bit of a shocker. (1:30)

On Heidi Hietkamp:  I think the anecdotal stuff you know shouldn't be easily dismissed. There is something to that. I mean crowd sizes don't equate to votes. But then again you look at you know the crowds that Bet O'Rourke is pulling in Texas and you think OK that energy is real. There's something going on there. Is it enough to pull him over the finish line in a state where Republicans have a seven hundred fifty thousand million vote edge in registration? We don't know. But certainly you know what's going on there is real. I think so some of that stuff in North Dakota is real as well. But the reality is that's a state that Trump won by 25 points. While she is well liked I think and respected by folks, I honestly I think this Kavanaugh stuff is really is going to come into play particularly in those red states where the Democratic incumbents are. (3:00)

On RealClearPolitics poll about how people see the direction of the country:  If you look at that number it's as high as it's been, well the gap between the two, the spread between the two is as low as it's been in five years since Obama was reelected in 2012 basically, so almost six years. You look at the NBC News - Wall Street Journal poll that came out last week. 69 percent of people feel very good or somewhat good about the economy. That's the highest number it's been since 1998 when Bill Clinton was in office. (7:50)

On if Democrats can win in Tennessee Senate race: I think it is possible, but unlikely. I'll tell you why. At some point you have to go back to the fundamentals of these states and Tennessee is just a deeply Republican state, same thing in Texas.  (13:41)