Adrienne Elrod, Former Clinton Campaign Director of Strategic Communications, joins Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the breaking NY Times story and more.

On NY Times story: What we're seeing actually come to light now is proof that Trump is not the self-made billionaire that he claimed to be during the campaign trail and that he continues to claim to this day. We have sort of looked into this on the campaign because first of all we didn't have access to his tax returns, which he has still not released. So we try to sort of piece together through you know various public facing documents real estate records. You know any sort of public facing document that would somehow cobbled together might give you an idea of what his income status is and how much money he's made over the years and how much of that was self made versus how much he generated from his inheritance. It was really hard to do but did this report to an extent is not surprising. (3:52)

On if voters will care about this story: I don't think they care. I mean his base you know perhaps there are some independent out there some moderate Republicans who might care. But, I also think that his hard core base says 33 percent of the American electorate that you know 80 percent or whatever it is the Republican Party. I don't think they will care. You know first of all Trump has done a masterful job of unfortunately turning the media to his ultimate enemy the enemy of the state, which is disturbing in itself. So that immediately to the base I think they'll try to discredit this report. I certainly don't think that his hardcore base plans to read the full 40 page report. You know I think the only time they might hear Marie is if he is you know if they start to see a decline in their own economic situation at home. (6:30)

On the midterms: I will tell you things look much better even now at this point in the election cycle 35 days out than they did when we were 35 days out in 2006 and we ended up getting a 28 seat majority in the House that cycle. I feel pretty good.  (11:58)