Not Adding Up? Julie Swetnick -- the third woman to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct -- backed away from some of her accusations against the Supreme Court hopeful in a new interview, as her ex-boyfriend claimed she threatened to "kill" him. The 55-year-old broke her silence since filing her sworn statement last week that accused Kavanaugh and his pal Mark Judge of "spiking" the punch at parties and lining up outside rooms where girls were being "gang raped."Adrienne Elrod, Former Clinton Campaign Director Of Strategic Communications, joins the show to discuss.

36 Days Out! Tom Bevan, Executive Editor Of Realclearpolitics.Com, joins Guy and Marie to talk midterms.

Scott Lincicome, International Trade attorney & Scholar at the Cato Institute, talks the new NAFTA, USMCA.

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