October 1st 2018 - On the Todd Starnes Show:

Hour 1

President Trump ordered the F-B-I to re-investigate Judge Kavanaugh, but stipulated that the investigation should last less than a week and be limited in scope. The President's order came after Arizona Republican Jeff Flake called for an investigation just before a Committee vote to recommend Kavanaugh for confirmation. Todd weighed in.

"Jeff Flake was a yes vote, until he got into this elevator, and he was accosted by these women, these screeching female feminist protestors in this elevator. It was a horrible scene, but if you look at the images, from that meeting, you can tell very quickly, that Jeff Flake was scared out of his mind - and I would not be surprised if the man had to go back to his office and change his undershorts," Starnes said.

Hour 2

Former FBI Special Agent Jonathan Gilliam joined Todd in studio to explain what goes into this type of FBI investigation, what steps are taken within the process to investigate the claims and what it could mean if someone changes their original testimony.