President Trump has instructed White House Counsel Don McGahn to allow the FBI to speak with anyone the bureau deems appropriate in connection with the supplemental background investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a source familiar with the probe told Fox News on Monday.

The source said Trump made the decision after a conversation with McGahn over the weekend. The source added that the president's only stipulation was that the investigation wrap up by Friday.

Associate editor & columnist at RealClearPolitics AB Stoddard joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the FBI investigation into the allegations into Judge Kavanaugh and more. 

On how this week might play out: I do anticipate that we're going to see this come to a close on Friday. I think that we heard the Majority Leader Mr. McConnell today. He was very emphatic and they made that clear last Friday when they accepted this one week delay and a FBI investigation.  So, it's going to wrap up. There's been some discussion about it maybe wrapping up earlier than that. Some people suggesting tomorrow, since interviews are done. It really is going to come down to the three senators, Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins and whether they are comfortable with the investigation and it can help them vote yes on Friday.  (1:01) 

On if she sees anyway out of toxicity: I did think that an extension of a week with an FBI investigation was the right thing. I thought that it was the due diligence that was required for senators Murkowski, Collins and Flake and senators Heitkamp and Mansion on the Democratic side to be able to get to likely yes votes because they could defend the process.  What people don't understand when they're in our fishbowl following it at a granular level the way that we do, with partisans all around us, is that most people who watched last week, although the polling bears out what you're saying about the reaction to the testimony and who they believed, people learned from watching that whole day. People who are not partisans and are not in this bubble, they learned about Mark Judge and they learned about an FBI investigation. So, it was very hard for the three senators I keep referencing to defend a vote last Friday. (3:22)

On FBI investigation adding more legitimacy: I thought it was the best thing for the Senate, the best thing for the Congress and for the Supreme Court, and the best thing for Judge Kavanaugh, to remove the cloud that was hovering over this last week. (5:53)

On the new NAFTA deal: I think progress is always progress.  I know we grade it on a curve. I'm delighted that the Canadians have agreed to something that involved the three nations that is not a repeal of NAFTA, but sort of a modernization, a badly needed upgrade.  (12:00)