September 27th 2018 - On the Todd Starnes Show:

Hour 1

After a week of waiting, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford finally appeared to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee... but will her testimony sway Committee members? Todd weighs in on opening statements.

"We are dedicating the entire program to this one story, that's how important this story is. A little bit later today we are expected to hear from Judge Kavanaugh. I'm going to provide you with some analysis of things that I have observed during her testimony, and we're also going to get your telephone calls," Todd said.

Hour 2

As the hearing continued, Todd asked listeners to weigh in on Ford's testimony, and caller Jane had plenty to say!

"They have smeared a good man - how many people have come out on this man's behalf. They're trying to ruin him - forever. He's got two little kids - the Democrats always say 'we're all about kids, we're all about kids' illegal immigrant Mexican kids are locked in a cage, but two girls of a hardworking, honest man, that had six FBI checks, in the last 30-some years, it is making me tear up," caller Jane said,

Hour 3

Todd continued to bring the latest details with analysis from GOP Strategist Jen Kerns and Max Burns, the director of communications with Robert F. Kennedy Human Right.

"She didn't reach out to law enforcement. Not 35 years ago. Not 20 years ago. Not two months ago. That is the missing key here, if you believe a crime was perpetrated, you would go to local police even if it is Palo Alto," Kerns said.


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