Executive Director of Georgetown University's Institute Of Politics & Public Service Mo Elleithee joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the breaking news of a fourth allegation against Judge Kavanaugh and more. 

On the past 24 hours: First, I think I have to go on the record and say this could be the ickiest period in politics that I've ever experienced. I mean, it's just gross. We are not putting our best foot forward as a civil society these days. I think the steady drip drip drip of allegations, including this latest one that NBC is reporting that you guys talked about just before the break, is making it very difficult for pro-Kavanaugh supporters to say that this is just a huge con job that we just need to get pass and confirm as quickly as possible. I think there is an argument to be made that the investigation needs to get real, that the FBI needs to be brought in.  (1:15)

On Republican suspicion of how Democrat's handled this: Everybody is suspicious of everybody else. The well has been poisoned on both sides for quite some time and I stand by what I said at the beginning. We are not putting out best foot forward as a civil society these days, neither party is. I think the standard should always be that when credible allegations come forward they should be treated seriously. They should be investigated.  (6:40)

On how Georgetown student's are talking about this: Students that come in to talk to me get the severity of the moment. They get what's at stake. They get that this is not just a single Supreme Court nomination we're talking about. (8:40)