House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson to give her view on Kavanaugh and discuss her election in Washington. 

On what to expect at the Kavanaugh hearing Thursday: Clearly, tomorrow is going to be an important day. We've heard the allegation. It is important that the facts come out as soon as possible and tomorrow is the day where we will be able to hear more from Dr. Ford, as well as Judge Kavanaugh. I think it's important that he has the chance to clear his name also.  That's what I'm looking for tomorrow and I hope we are able to move forward.  (1:05)

On if it is premature for Democrats to ask him to withdraw: Yes, I do believe it is premature because Dr. Ford needs to be heard. That's most important that she be heard, but also Judge Kavanaugh. He needs to have an opportunity to defend his character and what his side to the story is. There's two sides to every story. (1:43)

On Republicans hiring outside counsel to ask questions: It's most important that we have a fair hearing for Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. That is what I believe we will be able to do tomorrow. The Chairman of the Committee Senator Grassley has cooperated, has made an effort to make sure Dr. Ford is heard. I think that is most important. We need to have this hearing tomorrow and we need to make sure everyone is heard.  (4:18)

On a government shutdown: What recently happened was that the President said he would sign the agreement that was made between the House and the Senate. This is the Defense Appropriations as well as the Labor Age. This is an important bill in that this is the legislation that continues to rebuild our military, which has been a top priority for this Congress. These appropriations are always difficult because we are spending taxpayer's dollars... I am optimistic that there will not be a government shutdown. (6:07)

On what she is doing to win in his district: I am very encouraged. Coming out of the primaries a number of people have wanted to get involved in the campaign that are helping across the district. It just has been really encouraging...People really do need to vote. So much of this election is about people getting out and voting and like a lot of Republicans my opponent is far left.  (10:10)